29 March 2009


Ok, here's something different - this one is painted with acrylics. I've been doing a beginners' acrylics class so I thought I'd try a portrait. I can see I need to pay attention to the blending, but I enjoyed the way you can lay the paint down quite thickly and get that nice loosely painted feel.

This is 8" by 10" on canvas paper, painted a couple of weekends ago.

27 March 2009

Dusk on the South Coast

The last painting from the sailing pics, 9" by 13" in watercolour.

As you can probably tell, they had a pretty wet and dull time of it, but they enjoyed themselves!

23 March 2009

Stormy Weather

Another in the sailing series. I especially enjoyed painting the clouds for this one.

9 x 13" watercolour.

21 March 2009

Ancient Mariner

This is a painting from last year. I did a series of 9" by 13" watercolours based on photos my partner took when he went sailing with some pals.

I'll add the others over the next few days.

20 March 2009

Relaxed bunny

This is a quickie I painted a couple of weeks ago - trying not to get bogged down with details.

5"x7", watercolour, based on my own ref photo.

19 March 2009


9" by 13" watercolour, based on a photo taken by my sister (thanks!).

This was the first painting I finished this year, in the depths of winter...

18 March 2009

Dressed for snow

Here's a recent watercolour (8"x10"), completed a few weeks ago.

It's based on a photo of my niece that I took when we visited the Antarctica exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. Now with added snow!

17 March 2009

Dog Days

Here's a watercolour painting (8 by 10 inches) I completed towards the end of 2008, from a photo I took of a pal's gorgeous greyhound, Jasper - a very laid-back dog.

16 March 2009

Introduction to Sharon's Pics

Welcome Sharon's Pics. I'd like to share my art here, with anyone who cares to look. I'm self-taught (apart from a couple of evening classes), and I paint mostly in watercolour (though I'm liable to have a go with pretty much anything else, given the opportunity... ). I'll also post drawings and maybe photographs too.

To start off with, I'm going to post a few pieces that I've done recently, over the past few months. I'm then hoping to post as I paint.

I'd love to know what you think, so please do leave a comment!
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