28 March 2010


Here's a small watercolour based on a pic I took the other day of Tommy, the cat who frequents my local pub. He had graciously waited for me to finish my lunch before making himself comfortable on my lap.

Watercolour 5" by 7"

27 March 2010

Another rainy day

Here's another painting from the reference photo I used for 'Rainy day'; a bit moodier, I hope, and not such a 'pretty' portrait. Used some white gouache along with watercolour for this one.

Watercolour and gouache, 11" by 14"

24 March 2010


Watercolour, approx 11" by 9".

This was painted from a photo I took a couple of summers ago at one of my local pubs, of this beautiful boxer dog cooling off in the shade.

20 March 2010

Tiger in the sun

At last, a new post! Have been a bit busy, but a lovely tiger reference from Stephie on the Painting Friends forum caught my eye.

Watercolour, approx. 9" by 12"

06 March 2010


Here's a quick watercolour, from a reference kindly provided on the paintingfriends forum. Tried keeping this simple - watercolour seems to look its best when it's not fiddled with too much!

7" by 6", watercolour.
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