28 March 2014

Daffodils and nettles

Here are the next couple of pages of my natural world sketchbook/journal, daffodils from the garden, and white dead nettle (Lamium album) from next to the cricket field here in the village.

Daffodil watercolour painting

White dead nettle Lamium album painting
 Spring is here! At Last!

24 March 2014

The long shadows

Had a lovely afternoon out a couple of weeks ago at Wimpole Hall. In fact, the weather was so good that I decided to save the house and gardens for another day, and went for a wander around the parkland. I especially liked the mature trees – still leafless in the early spring, casting their long shadows in the late afternoon sunshine… I’ve put these in a chillier, more wintry setting…

tree shadows acrylic painting
 Acrylic on paper, 10 by 14"

20 March 2014

The look...

Hello again! A new small piece from me, mixed media, of the cat, giving me 'the look...'

cat mixed media painting
5 by 7", ink, watercolour, pastels and a bit of biro (yep, I threw everything at it, lol)

07 March 2014

Down in a deep dark dell sat an old cow munching a beanstalk

Just having fun playing with this one!

Black and white cow lying down
Watercolour, ink and a bit of pastel, A4. If you're wondering about the title, there is an explanation... it was a sentence used by my old Latin teacher many years ago to teach us about dactyls and spondees - poetic feet...
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