30 April 2014

Natural world sketchbook

Hello again!

Here's the next page of my ongoing natural world sketchbook project - forget-me-nots, from the garden.
Forget-me-not flower watercolour painting
In the Stillman and Birn zeta sketchbook, which I am loving!

28 April 2014

Sketching at Gransden and Waresley Woods

I snuck out for a couple of hours today and had a nice wander around a local nature reserve. Spectacular bluebells!

bluebell wood watercolour sketch

25 April 2014

Birthday kitty

Been keeping my evenings busy with this one, a birthday pressie for the other half... yep, it's the cat being helpful again!

portrait cat man graphite
 Pencil on A4 Strathmore 400 Series Bristol Vellum

16 April 2014

Sketching at Wimpole Hall

Just a couple of sketches at the National Trust's Wimpole Estate...

Wimpole Hall national Trust ink watercolour sketch

Folly ruins ink and watercolour sketch National Trust Wimpole Estate
The house, and the folly ruins. I spent a very lovely afternoon basking in warm early spring sunshine!

11 April 2014

Natural world sketchbook, next page

Here's the next entry in my ongoing natural world sketchbook/journal.

Watercolour pencil twig drawing natural world
I have to admit I have no idea what kind of tree this twig came from - I picked it up off a footpath in Cambridge. This was done with watercolour pencils and water-soluble graphite pencils.

09 April 2014

Bleak and beautiful, a winter painting

Hello all!

This is a mixed media and collage painting I've entered in the Jackson's Art/Strathmore Wonders of Winter competition on Facebook. It's based on an earlier ink and watercolour sketch (it's on p4).

You need to be logged in to FB to vote, so if you're on there, pop on over and check out all the entries, and vote for your favourites. Personally I'm pleased to see the back of winter!

painting, winter, snow, mixed media
Bleak and Beautiful
Mixed media and collage, A4

07 April 2014

Cat ink and watercolour sketch

Hello again!

Here's another small sketch of the cat, looking almost serene...
Tortoiseshell or calico cat sketch ink watercolour
Ink and watercolour, 5 by 7"

02 April 2014

Natural world journal, next page...

Next page, pencil this time. This is a twig of (I think, trying to remember what the leaves looked like) an ash tree, knocked off next door's tree by a delivery truck. Being the good neighbour I am I went and picked up the debris, and pocketed this broken-off end to draw :-)

Pencil drawing of ash twig
Slowly filling the pages up!
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