28 February 2014

An unexpected find, natural world sketchbook

Hi all!

This was an unexpected find - my other half discovered it on the windowsill in his workshop. It's a small tortoiseshell butterfly, which must have found a corner to hibernate, but perished.

Small tortoiseshell butterfly watercolour

25 February 2014

Natural world, ivy

Next page (double page), ivy from one of the hedgerows round here. Lots of leaves, and I totally failed to capture their shine! But the berries were fascinating. The more you look, the more you see...

18 February 2014

Moorhen chick sketch

Here's a sketch in biro of a moorhen chick. I can never quite get over the size of their feet!

10 February 2014

Natural world journal, next page…

This is a collection of feathers from a red-legged partridge, from my collection of bits and pieces (it’s been far too wet, muddy, cold and windy to venture far outside to find stuff to draw and paint, and I’m a bit of a wimp too…)

Feathers painting drawing
 Here's hoping for some better (i.e. calmer!) weather...
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