29 April 2015

A change in the weather

Watercolour landscape rapeseed field stormy sky
I don't often get the paintbrushes wet these days, but felt inspired to have a go after a wet and windy walk around the fields here the other day. After a nice settled spell of warm weather, this is what it's been like for the last few days!

Watercolour, ink, wc pencil, quarter sheet.

26 April 2015

Drypoint paper plates - something different!

Here's a bit of an experiment - this is using drypoint paper plates (these: http://intaglioprintmaker.com/category/paper-drypoint-plate). It's thin card with a coating that you can scratch through with a drypoint tool. You can get nice drypoint lines, and the toned areas (the blue and black here) are made by tearing the surface, exposing the card. I enjoyed trying this out, but the plate doesn't last too long!

Drypoint print made with drypoint paper plate

 Printed area is A4 or thereabouts.

19 April 2015

Spring arrival at Wicken Fen

My latest print, a reduction linocut: Spring arrival at Wicken Fen. The swallows are starting to arrive, spring is here and summer can't be far away!

Swallow over Wicken Fen reedbeds linocut
Reduction linocut on Zerkall 210gsm paper using Caligo Safewash inks.

10 April 2015

Crocuses linocut

Hello! Here's another small reduction linocut print, to go with my snowdrops and winter aconites...

A reduction linocut of crocuses
Printed area is 2.5 by 4.5 inches approx, and it's printed with Caligo Safewash inks on Zerkall 210gsm paper.

02 April 2015

Spring is here

I'm really not very good at promoting/marketing stuff, but here's a quick look at what's available in my Folksy shop - a hint of Spring...

Snowdrops reduction linocut

Winter aconites reduction linocut

Long-tailed tits linocut

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