28 February 2011

I'm having a bad day

This was painted with the small portrait group I belong to, and with the portrait challenge on paintingfriends. My aim with this reference was to try to capture the mood more than anything else. I was going for sulky, but I think I just ended up with sad, or possibly evil. It looks even scarier in real life...

There are, um, fairly major issues with the features (the mouth is especially wonky and the eyes aren't great either). Sometimes these portraits just plain get away from you, and I got fed up of fiddling to try to get it right. I think I'll call this one:

'I'm having a bad day'

Reference photo was from Grunge on WetCanvas. Twas an interesting exercise but I don't think I'll be hanging this one on the wall :-)

Acrylic, 11 by 15"

18 February 2011

Life drawing

At the risk of boring you all to death, here are a couple more life drawings, from Wednesday night's class ;-)

 This first one is charcoal on newsprint, a 10-minute pose.

 And next we have chalk on black sugar paper - this was a 30-minute pose, which I found really enjoyable. As you can see, I urgently need to work on facial features... and feet... and hands...

10 February 2011

Some more life drawing

Here are a couple from last night's life drawing class.

25 minutes, charcoal on cartridge paper, A2.

20 minutes, charcoal on A2 cartridge paper again.

I feel I'm getting a bit better with the proportions, but I'd like to improve my drawing style, to produce something a bit more refined and confident. Practice is the key...
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