31 July 2013

Early morning prowl

Here's a painting I finished a couple of days ago.

Early morning prowl, mixed media, quarter sheet

I had great fun with this one. I started off with an ink drawing/sketch on watercolour paper to which I'd added random patches of gesso, then went in with watercolour, more ink, charcoal, water-soluble graphite, anything I could lay my hands on really!

28 July 2013

Cat drawings - get well soon...

'Get well soon' for a cat lover maybe? ;-)

 Some new stuff in my Folksy store... Original ink drawings mounted on card stock. I sent a similar card to the vet team that did a great job patching up my feline model.

17 July 2013

Happy me!

Ten fabulous prints from the first PrintPeople exchange have arrived here! They are just wonderful, made my day :-)

You can check out all of the prints in detail here

11 July 2013

Stretchy kitty, finished

Couldn't resist just putting in a few highlights...

Now finished (I've varnished it and ordered a frame, no more fiddling!)

Acrylic on canvas, 8 by 20 inches

01 July 2013

Stretchy cat

Here's a little look at something I've been working on over the past few days - yes, it's another piece of cat-inspired art! Not quite sure if I'm finished with this yet, but if I do anything more it'll only be a teeny tiny bit more!

This is acrylic on canvas, 8 by 20", done mostly with a palette knife, which definitely stops me fiddling and getting too detailed...
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