25 January 2013

Out and about in the snow

Hello blog friends! With so much snow around, I couldn't resist taking my out-and-about sketchbook for a wintry walk:

I sketched this standing up, feet planted into the snow, juggling pens, watercolour paints and water brushes between hands and pockets... not ideal, but fun nonetheless :-)

14 January 2013

St Ives bridge and chapel WIP

Hello blog friends, I've been printmaking again! Another reduction linocut - here's what I've been up to... I started off with a design based on one of my out-and-about sketches from last year:

The first ink layer was a pale blue, and I cut the block to leave the white paper showing through for seagulls:

Next I added a darker blue to the bottom of the print:

More carving, and next is the ochrey colour of the bridge and chapel, plus the background tree and some reflected colour in the water:

Next up I printed a darker brown layer to define the structure:

And finally a black for the darkest shadows:
Printed area is 4 by 6", and it's an edition of 8 on Zerkall paper. Hope you like it!

06 January 2013

Helping hands

Hello blog friends! Here's another ink and watercolour, based on a photo I took at Twycross Zoo.

Helping hands
Ink and watercolour, quarter sheet.

Sadly, orangutans in the wild need all the help they can get. Check out the Orangutan Foundation, doing good work to protect these beautiful apes and their forest habitat.
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