25 November 2011

Tough little cookie


Well, the challenge ref for an online portrait painting group I belong to was a toughie this time round - cute kid, but very even, soft light and not too many shadows, which always makes it harder to convincingly model the shapes of the face. I decided to give it a go in pastels.

So, I went a bit mad with the colours... But I do kind of like it...

Pastel on pastelmat, approx 7 by 10". Reference by babasteve on flickr, thank you once again!

21 November 2011

Making a Difference

As promised, here's my contribution to the 'World of Difference' fund-raising exhibition that happened at the weekend.

Ref: babasteve on flickr, thank you.

I'm pleased to say that this sold, which was the objective! I really enjoyed painting her, so I hope she's found a happy home.

Acrylic on canvas 12" by 12"

14 November 2011

Anyone in Cambridge, UK...

...might want to pop along this weekend to Chesterton Community College, Gilbert Rd, for this exhibition. All artwork priced at £45 (bargain!), and all hung anonymously. All proceeds to SOS Children's Villages, in particular to a project in Zambia. Fingers crossed for a successful fund-raiser -  I'll share my contribution after the weekend!

10 November 2011

Our mad moorhen

Some sketching from life:

This is a page from my sketchbook, drawings of a moorhen - this is a bird you'd normally find on a pond or river, but this one had decided to climb up the conifer at the front of the house. I looked out of a window in an upstairs room and found myself at eye level with it...

Biro, A4 sketchbook.
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