24 May 2015

Sketching hares

A couple of weeks back I found a field full of hares near to where l live, and took some (fairly distant) photos - not great pics, it has to be said, but good enough for sketching from... Lots to keep me occupied! These are all done using a biro (Bic fine).

Hare sketches in biro

22 May 2015

Coot collagraph

A couple of prints from a small collagraph plate, with added watercolour, based on a picture I took at a local nature reserve. I do enjoy the slight variation that comes with printmaking (my printmaking anyway!)

Coot collagraph handmade print

11 May 2015

Cowslip in watercolour

Here's another addition to my (ahem) occasional natural world journal, a cowslip.
These are growing in large numbers on the roadside verges locally. Once they would have covered entire meadows...

Cowslip watercolour study

07 May 2015

Cat monotype print rediscovered

Was looking through an old sketchbook from a couple of years ago and found this monotype print that I'd stuck in - I remember making it and not really liking it much, hence it got stuck into a sketchbook and forgotten about. Having rediscovered it I find I quite like it - shame I stuck it firmly to the back cover, where I can't remove it or even scan it easily! Do you ever encounter forgotten pieces and find you like them?

Cat monotype print

04 May 2015

Walks at Wicken

These are drypoint monoprints, based on some of the sights on walks I've had around Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire... Enjoyed playing around with the compositions for these, lots of possibilities!

Drypoint monoprint inspired by Wicken Fen

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