24 October 2014

Linocut lizards...

I enjoyed a fab lino printing workshop a couple of weeks ago with local printmaker Nina Sage (http://www.ninasage.co.uk/workshops - you can see me lurking in some of the photos!) Here's what I did and have been working on since...

This first one is the 'key' block - the image printed in black. It's based on a pic I took in France.
Lizard linocut on monoprinted background
 Next is the image printed onto a monoprinted background. Back home I carved a second block so I could add some body colour,  and printed onto more monoprint backgrounds. I can see I am going to have fun with the colours here!

Lizard linocut on monoprinted background
Lizard linocut on monoprinted background

09 October 2014


At last, a new drawing in my somewhat neglected natural world journal...

Horse chestnut conkers drawings
These are conkers - the fruits of the horse chestnut tree. A sure sign that autumn is here! The top drawing was done with coloured pencils, and the bottom group is in watercolour. Nice to explore the different qualities of these media!

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