21 February 2012


Hello again!

Some bits and pieces from the sketchbook, from various magazine refs.

And a couple of quick ink sketches of the other half, exploring a possibility for another 'mad hair day' painting...

16 February 2012

A couple of watercolour sketches

Here are a couple of little paintings, just sketches really.

The first is of a pheasant which has been a regular visitor in the garden.

5" by 7", watercolour and ink.

Next is an attempt at a landscape watercolour sketch. I have to admit I didn't paint this en plein air - it was just too cold! So it's from my own ref photo.

5" by 7", watercolour and ink.

The life drawing class isn't going ahead next half term, so I will have to find something else to amuse myself with... I have a few ideas floating around...

14 February 2012

Life drawing

A couple from last week. We've now got a 1-week break for half-term, then if there are enough people signed up there'll be another 5 weeks... fingers crossed...

These first pics are contour drawings, one continuous line, in biro. The standing pose was about 10 minutes; the two drawings below are of the same seated pose (I moved after a few minutes to get a different view), about 6-7 minutes each. I enjoy doing contour drawings - it really makes you look hard for the shapes, angles and relationships before making your mark.

This next one was a long pose, around 50 minutes, pencil.

11 February 2012

Lambs in snow


It's freezing cold here at the moment (-9.5degC at 10am this morning, which is mega-cold for Cambridgeshire, and with a heavy but very pretty hoar frost to boot). Lambing season is also underway. I felt like putting paint to paper yesterday, so hunted through my archive of photos and found some lambs, and moved them from their original field of green to a chillier setting, in keeping with the current weather!

 5" by 7", watercolour.

Stay warm, blog friends!

05 February 2012

Life drawing

Or life painting, in this case! We had a couple of long poses last week, so I decided to try painting...

This was the better of my two efforts; I really had fun with the paint!

Acrylic on watercolour paper, approx 10 by 18", 55 minute pose.

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