30 April 2010


This is a portrait I painted for the portrait 'paintalong' on Painting Friends - we're all working from a couple of references (there's a photo of a little boy as well, which I'm hoping to paint), and it's good to see how different artists approach the same reference.

This reference is Candace by devymarie, from the WetCanvas reference image library.

Watercolour, 12" by 9".

14 April 2010


I painted this for a group challenge on Redbubble, from a beautiful ref photo by Trine of her dog, a retriever called Ditte, which had won another group challenge on Redbubble (are you still following, lol).

It's watercolour, 8" by 10".

05 April 2010

Tommy 2

Here's another watercolour of Tommy, the pub cat, curled up in his basket on the end of the bar. I feel this one ended up a bit overworked; maybe I'll have another crack at it sometime.

Watercolour 5" by 7".

02 April 2010

Best friend

I've wanted to paint a dalmatian for a while now - who wouldn't? - so here's my first attempt. Another for the dog collection!

Watercolour, 8" by 10".
Reference photo courtesy of photos8.com
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