24 June 2013

Well, the cat has had her stitches out and no longer needs to wear the dreaded cone collar... but I did have fun sketching her! I especially enjoyed doing some contour sketching... have trimmed a couple down and mounted them on card stock. I think a 'thank you' card to the team at the vet surgery may be in order! I might put a couple of these on my Folksy online shop too - 'get well soon' cards for cat lovers!

17 June 2013

Not impressed!

My studio assistant (aka the cat) has not had a good week! She came in last week with a big cut on her tail so has been patched up by the vet, and is not impressed with her new headgear...

So of course I took the opportunity to do some contour sketches!

Poor kitty!

10 June 2013

More cat sketching

Hello all!

Here's a fairly quick sketch of the cat, done with marker pens followed by pastels...

And a drawing done in pencil (I've since added her whiskers in you'll be pleased to learn!):

03 June 2013

Sketching the cat

Well, now I have a lovely feline model I decided to make the most of it and get sketching...

Top three all sketches done with a kuretake sketching pen

These two double pages are contour drawings. Love doing these!
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