27 July 2010

20 minute sketches

Well, I haven't been doing much painting or drawing over the last few weeks; I've been finding it hard to get inspired. However, last night I did do a couple of 20 minute sketches of a shoulder bag I bought at a local charity shop (I'm planning on concealing a small sketchbook in there, and doing some covert cafe sketching, perhaps, if I'm ever brave enough...) I still haven't learned to get the drawing positioned properly on the paper, as you can see :)

Watercolour and ink, both about 12 by 9"

14 July 2010

Tommy's old spot

Well, here he is again, Tommy the pub cat. I decided to have another go at this one (it's an appealing ref photo!), and I'm happier with the result this time (what do you think? An improvement, or not?). Tommy has now officially retired from the hustle and bustle of pub life and is happily pottering about, away from the temptation of all the tasty snacks that come his way in the pub (yes, he's been to kitty fat camp before now!).

Watercolour 8" by 10", from my own ref photo.
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