20 April 2012

Out and about sketching

Had to pop into town yesterday (St Ives, in Cambridgeshire), so I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a bit of sketching.

It was, of course, raining again, and as I was a bit early for my appointment I sat in the car and sketched some soggy-looking sheep in the field (wet-look knitwear anyone?!)

I did actually manage to dodge the showers for long enough to sit and draw the bridge and chapel in town. This is usually a busy spot, with people feeding the swans and ducks, but the rain had kept everyone away (apart from the mad woman with the sketchbook...)

The residents were still there of course. One cheeky mallard gently pecked at my foot the whole time I was sat sketching. Subtle hint I think - I'll remember to take some bread with me next time!

18 April 2012


Thought I'd try another watercolour portrait, so here's Deb, and today's her birthday - happy birthday Deb!

Watercolour, pastel pencils and a bit of gouache, quarter sheet.

Might fiddle some more with the background but I think I've fiddled enough with the face!

15 April 2012

Out and about

At the start of the year I had a think about what kind of art goals I might want to set myself, and the main theme was getting out and about with a sketchbook. Now winter is over (allegedly!) I decided it was about time to start getting out and about.

Over on the Painting Friends forum I asked if anyone was interested in joining me and being a virtual sketching buddy, and happily we now have a small band of artists who will be sharing their 'out and about' sketching, drawing and painting over the summer.

I headed off for a walk from my house for my first effort; here it is.

This is a little way down the footpath at the back of our house, out into the fields, looking back – the treeline is the edge of the village. The fields are all planted with oilseed rape (canola) this year, which is starting to flower, so we're surrounded by yellow. I sat myself down on the grass at the edge of the track (note to self - something to sit on might be a good idea...). Skylarks were singing, and some geese flew overhead. It was cold (hands were numb after 10 minutes), and I was almost bowled over by two very friendly dogs (they were so sweet!) who were out walking their owners. I gave up after 10 minutes or so because of the cold, but carried on with my walk and noted lots of sketching possibilities for a warmer day.

Watercolour and ink (I used a waterbrush, one that holds water in the barrel - great for sketching), A4 sketchbook.

Let's hope it warms up a bit soon!

06 April 2012

Forget the diet...

Mmmm, yummy! I found myself in need of a fix of colour yesterday, and decided to have a go at some foodie painting... I'm the kind of person who can't resist snapping a quick photo when presented with a plate of yummyness, so I've got a few reference photos in the archive to choose from!

The top painting is of a delicious cream tea I enjoyed with my sister in a small tea room in Twycross, Leicestershire. Lovely. And below that is a chocolate brownie and ice cream pudding that was much enjoyed at the Jamie Oliver restaurant in Cambridge, on my birthday last year. Which I've now noticed is missing the corner of the wooden serving thingy. Oh well!

Both are watercolour and ink, 5 by 7".

A little indulgence every now and then is good for the soul, after all!

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