16 March 2015

Long-tailed tit drypoint print

Here's a recent little drypoint print, based on a post-mortem study I made last year of a sadly deceased long-tailed tit. I really like it, though I'm not sure how well 'dead bird art' goes down in general! What do you think?

drypoint print long-tailed tit bird study
 Printed area is approximately 6 by 5 inches.

09 March 2015

Winter aconites linocut

Here's another little linocut, to go with my earlier snowdrops print - this in Winter Aconites, such cheerful little flowers at the end of winter!

Winter aconites flowers linocut print

04 March 2015

Rabbit skull drawing

Been meaning to get around to this for ages - drawings of a rabbit skull that I picked up from the hills in Yorkshire last summer. Another one for the 'natural world' journal.

Rabbit skull studies in pencil
Pencil studies in Stilman and Birn zeta sketchbook.
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