24 September 2009

Ari, a cat

I think I'm getting addicted to painting these little feline pieces! This is Ari, another cat who owns a WetCanvas member.

5" by 7", in watercolour.

19 September 2009

Simon, a cat

Yep, it's another cat! Meet Simon, whose image was kindly offered up for a WDE a couple of months back. I saved the pic at the time, but was a bit daunted by the lighting. Have to say, I think this would have been easier to do in anything other than watercolour! Nevertheless, I'm fairly pleased with how it's turned out.

Watercolour, 5" by 7".

15 September 2009


I've been looking through some old files on the computer and have come across a whole stash of images of stuff I did last year (and earlier), so I thought some of them could have an airing here. These are 8" by 10" watercolours of two brothers, boys of some pals of mine. Painted these towards the end of last year from my own ref pics.

Gotta get some more portraits going, I had a blast with these two!

13 September 2009

Lacey the cat

Well, another watercolour cat finds its way onto my blog! This was painted from a reference on this week's WDE, and is 5" by 7".

I took a bit more care with the initial drawing (I think it shows too), and I kept the colours fairly muted - it's a little more restrained than Humbug, below.

06 September 2009


Watercolour, 5" by 7".

This was painted from a reference on this week's WDE. Again, trying to keep loose; this was quickly sketched and I tried not to worry too much about detail (or the end result!).

05 September 2009

XJG 364H at Goodwood

Here's another painting based on a picture from the Goodwood Festival of Speed - it's a Triumph 2.5PI, built in 1970 and participant in the 1970 World Cup Rally.

The painting is 10" by 14", and although I found this car harder to get right than the Mini, I'm pleased with the finished item (and am now going to stop fiddling with it!).
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