24 May 2012

More out and not so about

Hello all

Well, has summer finally arrived here in the UK? I hope so. Today was lovely, so I got all my work done early so that I could sit in the garden with my sketching stuff and a G&T... So out, but nor very far afield!

Both done with a black (permanent) kuretake sketching pen, with colour added with my staedtler fineliner markers, which are water soluble, letting you push the colour around with the addition of a drop of water... Good fun!

22 May 2012

Out and about


Well, today was warm and sunny (at last!), so I managed to find some time for a walk and a bit of sketching in the village where I live.

 This first one is the end of the bridleway which goes down into the next village.

And here's one of the houses - this part that I sketched is thatched, the other part has a tiled roof. Very pretty!

Both A4, ink with watercolour wash.

13 May 2012


Here's another birthday portrait - this time my victim is my auntie Sue.

There are bits I like and bits I don't like, as per usual, but it was looking a whole lot worse than this at one point - I nearly gave up on it as I just couldn't see where it was going wrong. Taking a break and coming back to it helped, and of course acrylic is a great medium for painting out your mistakes!

Acrylic on canvas, 8" by 8"

11 May 2012

More out and about sketching

Hello! Well, the rain has finally stopped, for the moment anyway, and the sun has come out and warmed things up a bit, so I took the opportunity to nip out for a walk with my sketchbook.

This first one is the view from the cricket field towards the church. The rapeseed (canola) is in full flower, so there are lots of bright yellow fields around and about.

This one is the gate onto the cricket field. I drew it while sitting on the step of the cricket pavilion.

Both are ink and watercolour. Looking forward to some more dry (and hopefully sunny) days!

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