29 August 2009

Crowned crane

Watercolour, 5" by 7".

This is another Weekend Drawing Event reference from WetCanvas. I'm enjoying these birdy watercolour sketches, but I'm afraid I didn't do justice to this guy's hairdo!

24 August 2009

The Raven

The Raven, watercolour, 5" by 7".

The reference was from a WDE a few weeks back. Enjoyed this quick watercolour sketch.

23 August 2009

569 FMO at Goodwood

Every couple of years I buy tickets for the Goodwood Festival of Speed as a birthday pressie for my other half, and we always come away with stacks of photos between us. So I thought I'd have a go with acrylic - I might do a series of these. This is a 1964 Austin Mini Cooper 'S' Works car which raced in the Monte Carlo rally that same year (as far as I've been able to determine!). Here it's on the chalky rally stage at Goodwood House. I'd like to be a bit looser with these, but I'm pleased with this as a starting point.

Acrylic on paper, 10" by 14".

22 August 2009

Loons on Spider Lake

Here's a quick watercolour sketch from a reference from this weekend's WDE on WetCanvas - Loons on Spider Lake.

Watercolour 5" by 7".

20 August 2009

Tate Modern from Blackfriars

Couldn't resist another one for this month's Virtual Paintout. Used up some leftover paint from another pic, and finished it off with a bit of inking.

Acrylic and ink, 12" by 7"

16 August 2009

Peregrine falcon

Here's a quickie I did today for the WDE on WetCanvas - a peregrine falcon, fastest living thing on Earth.

Watercolour, 5" by 7".

09 August 2009

Mornington Cresent

Watercolour and ink, 8" by 10", this is my painting for this month's Virtual Paintout, which is in London.

07 August 2009

Portrait in pastel

Another first for me - here's a painting done with pastels. Not a great likeness; I might do a bit more work on this one (now I've seen it up on the screen!). Fun to do, though you do end up very dusty.

Size is A4, with Conte pastel sticks (a small portrait set that I was unable to resist last time I was in an art supplies shop...)

03 August 2009

Girl in a hat

I found some time yesterday to try a reference from the Weekend Drawing Event at WetCanvas. This young lady was a very popular subject!

Watercolour, approx. 10" by 14".
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