30 December 2015


Faced with the first pristine blank page of a new sketchbook... Pears! You just can't go wrong with pears...

Ink and watercolour pears

Ink and watercolour pears

26 December 2015

A charm of goldfinches original print

Here's another drypoint with chine colle, a charm of goldfinches (a couple of versions). We seem to have lots here at the moment! Hope your Christmas break (if you've had one!) has been all you wished for, and that 2016 brings health, happiness, and lots of art!

A charm of goldfinched drypoint and chine colle print

10 December 2015

Chinese lanterns drypoint and chine colle

Chinese lanterns original handmade print, drypoint and chine colle. Loved doing this, the chine colle adds a real fizz of colour!

Drypoint and chine colle handmade print |Chinese lanterns physalis

17 November 2015

Drypoint hares

Here are a couple of small drypoint prints - 7 by 10 cm. Loving watching my local hares!

Drypoint hare print

07 November 2015

Black Combe ink and watercolour

Here's another ink and watercolour painting, based on a pic I took up on Black Combe in the Lake District a few years ago. Enjoyed fiddling around with this one last night for a couple of hours, then spent the rest of the evening on the 'Rightmove' website looking at property for sale in Cumbria...

Black Combe Cumbria ink and watercolour sketch

30 October 2015

Ink and wash sketches

An item that has long been on my wish list is a Lamy Safari fountain pen, so for #inktober I decided to treat myself to one at last :-) These ink and wash sketches are based on photos of various places I've visited over the past few years. The ink is Platinum Carbon Ink, which was sold with dire warnings about how it will kill your fountain pen if you're not careful!

Golden Cap from Charmouth, ink and wash

Spitfire at Goodwood ink and wash

St Emilion Bordeaux 1 ink and wash

St Emilion Bordeaux 2 ink and wash

Yorkshire Dales ink and wash

23 September 2015

17 September 2015

P is for pea

This is my contribution to the Linocut Alphabet group on Facebook...

Letter P linocut

09 August 2015

Water shrew studies

Some quick studies of a water shrew. A volunteer doing pond dipping at the local nature reserve  found this recently deceased beastie. I took it home and managed a few quick studies but it was getting a bit whiffy... Did you know it has venomous saliva? Wonderful to find, I have never seen one before!

Water shrew studies in pencil and watercolour

05 August 2015

Hare linocut

Here's a new linocut print, based on a pic I took when out watching hares down the farm track. I've been in a bit of a creative hole for a while, so I thought I'd keep this simple, a one-colour print. Though I will now go and try out some different colours too!

Hare linocut print
5 by 5 and a half inches approx, on Hosho paper.

07 July 2015

Some experiments with collagraphs

I've been playig around with pressed plant material from the garden to create some collagraph prints...

Collagraph print using pressed plant materials

Collagraph print using pressed plant materials

Collagraph print using pressed plant materials

12 June 2015

Moonlight hare

Here's my latest reduction linocut print, inspired by the hares in the fields around here - Moonlight hare.

Moonlight hare linocut print
Hope you like him!

24 May 2015

Sketching hares

A couple of weeks back I found a field full of hares near to where l live, and took some (fairly distant) photos - not great pics, it has to be said, but good enough for sketching from... Lots to keep me occupied! These are all done using a biro (Bic fine).

Hare sketches in biro

22 May 2015

Coot collagraph

A couple of prints from a small collagraph plate, with added watercolour, based on a picture I took at a local nature reserve. I do enjoy the slight variation that comes with printmaking (my printmaking anyway!)

Coot collagraph handmade print

11 May 2015

Cowslip in watercolour

Here's another addition to my (ahem) occasional natural world journal, a cowslip.
These are growing in large numbers on the roadside verges locally. Once they would have covered entire meadows...

Cowslip watercolour study

07 May 2015

Cat monotype print rediscovered

Was looking through an old sketchbook from a couple of years ago and found this monotype print that I'd stuck in - I remember making it and not really liking it much, hence it got stuck into a sketchbook and forgotten about. Having rediscovered it I find I quite like it - shame I stuck it firmly to the back cover, where I can't remove it or even scan it easily! Do you ever encounter forgotten pieces and find you like them?

Cat monotype print

04 May 2015

Walks at Wicken

These are drypoint monoprints, based on some of the sights on walks I've had around Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire... Enjoyed playing around with the compositions for these, lots of possibilities!

Drypoint monoprint inspired by Wicken Fen

29 April 2015

A change in the weather

Watercolour landscape rapeseed field stormy sky
I don't often get the paintbrushes wet these days, but felt inspired to have a go after a wet and windy walk around the fields here the other day. After a nice settled spell of warm weather, this is what it's been like for the last few days!

Watercolour, ink, wc pencil, quarter sheet.

26 April 2015

Drypoint paper plates - something different!

Here's a bit of an experiment - this is using drypoint paper plates (these: http://intaglioprintmaker.com/category/paper-drypoint-plate). It's thin card with a coating that you can scratch through with a drypoint tool. You can get nice drypoint lines, and the toned areas (the blue and black here) are made by tearing the surface, exposing the card. I enjoyed trying this out, but the plate doesn't last too long!

Drypoint print made with drypoint paper plate

 Printed area is A4 or thereabouts.

19 April 2015

Spring arrival at Wicken Fen

My latest print, a reduction linocut: Spring arrival at Wicken Fen. The swallows are starting to arrive, spring is here and summer can't be far away!

Swallow over Wicken Fen reedbeds linocut
Reduction linocut on Zerkall 210gsm paper using Caligo Safewash inks.

10 April 2015

Crocuses linocut

Hello! Here's another small reduction linocut print, to go with my snowdrops and winter aconites...

A reduction linocut of crocuses
Printed area is 2.5 by 4.5 inches approx, and it's printed with Caligo Safewash inks on Zerkall 210gsm paper.

02 April 2015

Spring is here

I'm really not very good at promoting/marketing stuff, but here's a quick look at what's available in my Folksy shop - a hint of Spring...

Snowdrops reduction linocut

Winter aconites reduction linocut

Long-tailed tits linocut

16 March 2015

Long-tailed tit drypoint print

Here's a recent little drypoint print, based on a post-mortem study I made last year of a sadly deceased long-tailed tit. I really like it, though I'm not sure how well 'dead bird art' goes down in general! What do you think?

drypoint print long-tailed tit bird study
 Printed area is approximately 6 by 5 inches.

09 March 2015

Winter aconites linocut

Here's another little linocut, to go with my earlier snowdrops print - this in Winter Aconites, such cheerful little flowers at the end of winter!

Winter aconites flowers linocut print

04 March 2015

Rabbit skull drawing

Been meaning to get around to this for ages - drawings of a rabbit skull that I picked up from the hills in Yorkshire last summer. Another one for the 'natural world' journal.

Rabbit skull studies in pencil
Pencil studies in Stilman and Birn zeta sketchbook.

08 February 2015

Snowdrops linocut

Hello again! Here's a small two-colour reduction linocut, inspired by the snowdrops currently gracing my garden.

Snowdrop reduction linocut print
It's still cold but it feels like winter is on the way out...

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