30 December 2015


Faced with the first pristine blank page of a new sketchbook... Pears! You just can't go wrong with pears...

Ink and watercolour pears

Ink and watercolour pears

26 December 2015

A charm of goldfinches original print

Here's another drypoint with chine colle, a charm of goldfinches (a couple of versions). We seem to have lots here at the moment! Hope your Christmas break (if you've had one!) has been all you wished for, and that 2016 brings health, happiness, and lots of art!

A charm of goldfinched drypoint and chine colle print

10 December 2015

Chinese lanterns drypoint and chine colle

Chinese lanterns original handmade print, drypoint and chine colle. Loved doing this, the chine colle adds a real fizz of colour!

Drypoint and chine colle handmade print |Chinese lanterns physalis
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