27 September 2014


A couple of weeks back I went to a most excellent collagraph workshop, run by printmaker Sherry Rea who, rather conveniently, lives in a village just up the road from me. The five of us who attended all enjoyed the workshop immensely!  Here are some of the prints I came away with (the sheepy one inspired by my holiday in the Yorkshire Dales!)

Swaledale sheep collagraph print

Swaledale sheep collagraph print

Feather collagraph print

25 September 2014

Inky lemur

Here's another ink sketch, done on Eco handmade paper, a slightly smoother surface than the sheep sketch in the earlier post.  The reference photo is from artbyjune on WetCanvas - thanks!

Ink sketch ring tailed lemur on Eco handmade paper
Sepia acrylic ink, plus water applied via a spray bottle (a bit random, but there's the fun of it!)

21 September 2014


Here' a quick inky drawing, done with a dip pen, water brush and spray bottle, on a sample of Eco Handmade paper from Jackson's Art, which has a fab textural surface...

Ink sketch of a Swaledale ewe
It's only a little one, postcard size. But fun to draw!

18 September 2014

Sketches from the Yorkshire Dales

I've just had a lovely week's break in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales - unexpectedly good weather too, warm and sunny all week! We were mostly walking, taking in the stunning scenery, but I did find time for just a few sketches (and loads of photos of course, lots of inspiration!)

Ink and watercolour sketch Yorkshire Dales National Park
 This was the view from our front window, of the cottage across the road in the very quiet village where we stayed.

Ink and watercolour sketch Yorkshire Dales National Park
 Sketched this fab tree on a walk up Naughtberry Hill

Ink and watercolour sketch Yorkshire Dales National Park
And here's our cottage for the week.

Happy sketching all!
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