25 March 2016

Sketching in the lab

I thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of sketching yesterday at the Institute of Metabolic Science in Cambridge, organised by Creative Reactions and Pint of Science. Thank you very much Jacek for hosting!
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Ink sketch of lab coats

Ink and watercolour scientist at bench

Ink and watercolour flasks

Ink sketch multichannel and pipette

Ink sketch scientist

10 March 2016

Hedgerow gold

A reduction linocut

Hedgerow gold reduction linocut
'Hedgerow gold' is a reduction linocut inspired by bright crab apples in a dark hedgerow; sometimes I spot a blackbird amongst the branches...

And here are some of the sketches and prep for the print. The idea was swimming around in my head for quite a while...

Hedgerow gold prep sketches

Hedgerow gold prep sketches

Hedgerow gold final design

Hedgerow gold prep sketches

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