21 August 2011


Here's a study of a couple of roses, deadheaded from the rose plant in the front garden. I enjoyed the observational exercise; drawing and painting these small life studies is good fun.

Watercolour from life, on Daler Rowney Langton NOT paper, 12" by 9".

Year of Painting no 5

The ref pic for the Painting Friends forum Year of Painting this month was a seascape. Never having painted the sea before, this was a bit of a challenge for me!

I like the long letterbox format, which I think works well here. I like the overall colour scheme, with that greeny aqua feel. Not keen on the land mass in the top corner; it looks a bit like a big storm cloud. I’m not pleased with the figures, which I think look rubbish! I debated whether to include them or not, but they act as a good point of scale for the scene.

I would love to spend some time at the coast, watching and painting the water. Hmm, maybe a few days away are beckoning!

Acrylic on canvas, 8” by 20”

10 August 2011

Another sad tale, another pm study

We've had another window-related casualty, which is a bit upsetting. This time it was a dunnock, which flew into a different window. I'm hoping that it's just coincidence that we've had two birds hitting windows within a couple of days - we haven't had any in the previous 6 months that we've been here...

So, another post-mortem study. These little birds can look quite drab and unassuming from a distance, but they have beautiful hues and subtle colours in their plumage close up.

Watercolour (on HP paper), quarter sheet.

08 August 2011

Blackcap, a sad tale

Here's a study I painted on Sunday afternoon, of an unfortunate juvenile blackcap (a kind of warbler). We found it dead on the path in front of the lawn - I think it probably flew into the window.

In the spirit of one of my favourite artists, Tim Wootton, I thought I'd do a post mortem study. So, two studies of the same unfortunate bird. It was an excellent exercise in observation. 

I'd been watching this youngster only the previous day, being fed by one of its parents. I was pondering the long, long journey it was going to be making - blackcaps migrate to Africa - sadly, this one didn't make it any further than my little Cambridgeshire village. Such is the natural world, but what an amazingly fragile little creature to make that journey...

Watercolour, quarter sheet. As always, you can click the images for a closer look.
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