30 January 2010

Chaps in hats

Here's a summery painting, based on a photo I took at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year.

Watercolour 8" by 10"

29 January 2010

Another self portrait

Well, I promised more people and more sketching, so here's an unconvincing self portrait! Not a great likeness, it has to be said, but I will persevere.

Drawn in pastel pencil, A4 size, from life using a mirror (which I find really hard!).

21 January 2010


Here a small watercolour, painted for a birthday card. Love the colours in these birds, they make great subjects for paintings!

Watercolour, 3.5" by 3.5".

09 January 2010


A4, pastel pencil on pastel paper, from my own ref photo. Trying hard to get the shadow shapes down, not entirely successfully!

Practice, practice, practice...

08 January 2010

20-minute challenge

Three more 20-minute challenge sketches, all from life and each completed within 20 minutes.

Watercolour and ink, each about 5" by 7".

03 January 2010


A4 (approx 8" by 11"), in graphite from my own ref photo. Was pleased with this one; I wish I'd used better paper, rather than the jumbo sketchpad... Ah well...

02 January 2010

The blue boy

This is a piece I started just before Christmas and finished off yesterday. It's based on the drawing of Olly I posted a few weeks ago. I decided to keep the colour range fairly narrow - ultramarine blue, white and a touch of crimson and payne's grey - just playing around, really, to see what kind of mood I could find.

Acrylic, 14" by 10".
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