31 December 2009

Party Girl, and a Happy New Year!

A4 sketch (approx 8" by 11") in charcoal and pastel.

I'm aiming to concentrate on portraits and figures in the New Year, with a lot more sketching...

Happy New Year!

23 December 2009

Possum the cat

This is Possum, a cat from this week's WDE on WetCanvas.

This is a watercolour quickie, 5" by 7", to add to my ever-growing feline collection...

15 December 2009

20 minute challenge

Here are another couple of 20 minute sketches (just to prove I've been keeping the brushes wet!)

08 December 2009

Fabulous fruit

Here's another still life experiment. This was painted from a photo reference kindly supplied by a member on the painting friends forum.

Watercolour, 8" by 10"

Edit: have added the image at the top. After some feedback from some 'cyberpals' I decided to strengthen the colour behind the glass stem - I think it looks a bit more balanced now (though I'm not going to fiddle with it any more!).

03 December 2009

20 minute challenge

Here's another 20-minuter. Fun to do, and a nice combination of colours I think.

01 December 2009

Chinese lanterns and clay pot

Here's something completely different for me - a still life, painted from life. This is a real experiment, with an emphasis on composition, shapes and colour, rather than realism. I had great fun painting this, and am fairly pleased with the way it turned out, for a first effort! I think I'll do some more still lifes, and have a play around with colour and texture.

Watercolour, 7.5 by 11".
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