24 June 2009

Three guzzling goats

Well, I've been pretty busy with work, but found some time today to paint these greedy goats, from a ref from this weeks WDE on WetCanvas.

This is 8" by 10" in watercolour, and I used just two colours - French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna (my favourite combo!)

10 June 2009


Here we are, back to the portraits! This is 8" by 10" (a favourite size of mine, not too big!) in watercolour, painted last year.

The reference was from a Weekend Drawing Event (WDE) on the WetCanvas site in March 08. In the original reference photo the poor woman was washing up a big pile of pots and crocks, looking like she was contemplating her lot in life...

06 June 2009

San Frediano a Cestello, Firenze

Been rather busy with work of late, but found some time to do this ink and wash for the Virtual Paintout, which this month is in Florence.

8" by 10", San Frediano a Cestello, Firenze.
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