23 July 2012


Hello again :-) Another owl (as promised!), this time done on watercolour paper to avoid the frustrations of buckling paper.

5" by 7", ink and wash on watercolour paper, from a ref I took at the Raptor Foundation. I'm pleased with this one, and will definitely be doing more along this line...

18 July 2012

Baby on board

Hello again! I've managed to get the paints out and find the time for something more substantial than sketching. So, here we have a painting of a family of Great Crested Grebes that I photographed on the river a couple of years back.

This is acrylic, 8 by 12", and was painted based on a line and wash sketch (5 by 7"):

Which in turn followed on from a quick thumbnail sketch:

Nice subjects to paint for sure - they are beautiful birds. And I had fun with the water too...

Thanks for looking :-)

14 July 2012

Sketching from photos, some owls

Hello! The wet weather in the UK has kept me indoors, so no sketching out and about this week. I decided instead to work from some of the photos I took when I visited the Raptor Foundation a couple of weeks back.


These are all ink and watercolour - Faber Castell Pitt pens, straight in with the ink, no pencil drawing, just experimenting and building my confidence really. These have turned out better than I hoped, so, with confidence suitably boosted, I'm going to get the watercolour paper out and have a go... (trying to do watercolour washes on sketchbook paper is so frustrating!)

10 July 2012

Sketching from photos

Hello again! I've been doing yet more sketching from photos, this time one of my cousins is the victim. This was sketched from a photo of her on her way to her school prom.

Not the greatest likeness, but this was a lovely sketch to do, and I found it quite relaxing too. A nice habit to get into I think!

A4, pencil on sketchbook cartridge paper.

06 July 2012

Out and about with raptors

Hello again!

I visited the Raptor Foundation a couple of days ago (dodging the downpours and sweltering in the very hot sunny intervals...). Here are a few sketches.

All done with Faber-Castell Pitt pens. Owls are great models for the most part - they stay fairly still! I'll be going back soon to practise some more, and I'll try to draw some of the other raptors. It's a great way to spend an afternoon :-)
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