25 November 2010

Iskamontero in the garden

Here's one I've been working on for a challenge on Redbubble.

Watercolour, 10" by 12" crop from an original size of quarter sheet, on Fabriano Artistico HP paper, which is a rather smooth surface. Was going for a real sunny feel with this one.

The reference photo was supplied by Iskamontero herself, for a portrait challenge on Redbubble (in the Bubbler Portraits group).

15 November 2010

The days darken round me

Back to the watercolours for this portrait. I loved painting the skin tones of this chap - lots of very thin washes, building up some rich tones. The shadows were interesting too - very definite cast shadows along with softer 'form' shadows indicating how the planes of the face turn. I wasn't sure about the title - but he looks like he's contemplating something with a certain amount of worry...

Watercolour, quarter sheet (15" by 11"). Reference photo by chilombiano on morguefile.

12 November 2010

Some more life drawing

Here are a few more from the last few weeks of the life drawing class.

 25 min. Really like this pose, the model looks well comfy!

 ?? not sure how long this pose was, but no longer than 30 minutes.

30 minutes

 30 minutes.

The 2-hour class just flies by it seems! I'm not sure I'm getting any better but I feel more confident about my drawing... I seem to do better at the longer poses (20-30 minutes); I'm not keen on anything I've drawn in the short poses.
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