18 October 2010

Washed my hair

Many times I've looked in the mirror after I've washed my hair and thought, 'actually, that'd be fun to paint'. So I finally got round to snapping a picture of me with my hair wrapped up in a towel and got the paints out...

Acrylic on Galeria paper, 10" by 14".

This one has turned out pretty much as I had it in my head, so I'm pleased about that. It's fairly high key (ie there's not a huge amount of contrast - no really dark darks), but I reckon that adds to the mood of the piece (the bathroom generally feels and looks like a sauna by the time I've finished!), and it's what I was aiming for :-)


  1. I like your portraits very much. There's a very clean feel to them. I didn't mean that as a pun, but... I like your simplicity.

  2. Thanks Linda, that's wonderful feedback - simplicity is what I'm aiming for (as I often get bogged down in detail!)


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