10 February 2011

Some more life drawing

Here are a couple from last night's life drawing class.

25 minutes, charcoal on cartridge paper, A2.

20 minutes, charcoal on A2 cartridge paper again.

I feel I'm getting a bit better with the proportions, but I'd like to improve my drawing style, to produce something a bit more refined and confident. Practice is the key...


  1. These are wonderful life drawings Sharon...I only started this last year and it's not as easy as it looks, but I find it so enjoyable. I would say our proportions are good.

    I can relate to you wanted to refine them, but I'm thinking perhaps that comes once you get comfortable with the drawing them, i'm hoping anyway....

  2. Sharon, these are great. I especially like the marks on the second figure. Good form and line

  3. Hi Stephie, I only started life drawing last September; they run a class at the local college. I'm completely hooked, I really enjoy it. I think you're right, I'm hoping that as my basic drawing skills improve and I get more comfortable with the drawing, then I'll be able to concentrate more on the quality of the line/shading etc.

    Thanks Ann, I was pleased with these, I think they are the best I've done so far, so at least I feel like I'm making some progress :-)

  4. I think you're making more than progress; You've got it. You just have to relax with it and that comes with practice. Nice work.


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