21 June 2011

Year of Painting 3: Koi

The Painting Friends Year of Painting challenge last month was Koi. I decided to try for something delicate.

Watercolour, 5" by 7".

I used a bit of clingfilm to try to get a watery ripply effect, which I think worked OK, but I failed to get the lost edges I had in mind.


  1. Love the watery effect!
    You could always paint another with some lost edges :)

  2. Me gusta el efecto del agua y como se muevan los peces,precioso AH!!La acuarela anterior de la niña quedó super linda.
    Cuando quieras estás invitada a ver mi blog principal,siempre serás bienvenida.
    Un besito.

  3. Nice motion in this piece. "Super linda" describes the painting well.

  4. Thanks Pat, Conchi and Linda. Glad you like the spring girl too, Conchi, I'll be heading over to your blog in a moment!


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