07 December 2011

A happy birthday elephant

Hello again!

Here's a little 4" by 6" painting I did for a friend's birthday card - happy birthday Sarah!

It's based on a photo I took when we visited Twycross Zoo back in the summer.

Watercolour, 4" by 6"


  1. how sweet! Happy birthday to the lucky birthday girl xx

  2. Thanks Pat! I'm enjoying these little 4 by 6 pieces, they're just little studies really but the ones that work are great for cards, and much nicer than shop-bought I reckon.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes - and I love the card. Nice memories of a summer day out too. S x

  4. Aha, a new ID, way to get past the obstacles strewn in your path by blogger! Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment - that sunny day seems like ages ago, doesn't it!

  5. It was a challenge!! Yes - it seems ages ago. Must plan for another day out soon - maybe in the spring... x


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