19 January 2012

Mad hair day


Well, I decided to try a painting based on a sketch of my other half (see earlier post) and this is what I've ended up with :-)

12" square, acrylics on canvas. Not sure I'm completely finished with it yet. I'll leave it in a corner for a few days to decide whether anything annoys me too much, or if I want to do anything else with it...


  1. It has a lovely feeling of warmth on a summer's day, Sharon. What did OH think of it?

  2. Thanks Pat; he hasn't said that he doesn't like it, which I guess is a reasonably good sign!

  3. You're an artist after my own heart Sharon. I believe in a sit around period before declaring a painting done. This one is terrific. I love how you handled the shaded side of the head with purplish tones--and the hair must have been what inspired you?

  4. Yep, the hair was definitely the star here! He usually ties it back, but I managed to grab a snapshot of it roaming free in the sunshine one day...


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