24 May 2012

More out and not so about

Hello all

Well, has summer finally arrived here in the UK? I hope so. Today was lovely, so I got all my work done early so that I could sit in the garden with my sketching stuff and a G&T... So out, but nor very far afield!

Both done with a black (permanent) kuretake sketching pen, with colour added with my staedtler fineliner markers, which are water soluble, letting you push the colour around with the addition of a drop of water... Good fun!


  1. Oh Sharon, that sounds like heaven!
    Out in the garden with a drinkie - only make mine lemonade ;)
    Love the sketches, they're gorgeous - and how lucky to have a pheasant in your garden! xx

  2. Yep, it was totally lovely! I have every intention of repeating it this afternoon, only I'll have the cricket on the radio as well :-)

    The pheasant is a regular visitor at the moment, and stood still long enough for a sketch via some strategically placed bird seed!


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