20 June 2012

Some life drawing and a bird sketch

Hello again!

First off, a sketch from a photo ref, a jackdaw in the back garden.

Faber Castell Pitt Artists marker pens, A4 sketchbook. These marker pens were a little treat I bought myself, and I'm loving using them. Thoroughly enjoyed drawing this one!

Next, the life drawing class that I attend has started up again; here's the pick of what I managed at the last session...

Faber Castell Pitt Artists marker pen, A2, 15 min. Didn't quite get the twist of the torso, and the head looks a bit small, but it was a great pose and I enjoyed using the marker pen.

Pencil, A2, 35 min.

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Sharon I love your drawing of the bird. Just beautiful

    1. Thanks Nora! I really enjoyed drawing that one, and I have some more photos of it in different poses, so I'll probably enjoy drawing a few more.


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