04 August 2012

An elephant and a jackdaw

Hello :-)

Here are a couple of small ink and wash pieces, clickable as always for a closer view...

First, a jackdaw, 5" by 7", watercolour (just indigo) over an ink sketch (Faber Castell pitt pen), from my own ref photo...

...and another 5" by 7", mostly ink (some unidentified ink from a bottle found at the back of a drawer and splashed about!) with watercolour, over an initial ink sketch, again from my own ref photo from a visit to Twycross Zoo a while back.

I'm enjoying doing the initial ink drawings and finding ways to enhance them with a bit of colour, or introduce a bit of drama with that black ink wash. That's the fun of drawing and painting... endless possibilities...


  1. i love indigo - it's so versatile - these are both great Sharon!

    1. Thanks Sharon, yes it's a great colour to play around with, lots of values possible cos you can go from very dark to very light.

  2. Lovely paintings, I especially like the colour you used for the jackdaw, very effective.


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