30 December 2012

Treetop rooks

Here's my latest linocut print, a very simple design...

Treetop rooks, printed area 4" by 6"

My inspiration came from a view I saw from the car window, as we were driving through the countryside on our way to the Farmers' Market one day a few weekends back. There was a line of trees on the far side of a field, and perched at the very tips of the branches was a large flock of rooks - they were strung out along the tops of the trees like black bunting. When I got back home I did some sketches, and based the design for the print on these. This was great fun once again, especially as I tried out a new technique for me - a blend:

Special thanks go to Teresa, who kindly sent me an 'easycarve' soft lino block to play with!

This will be my last post for 2012 - may I wish you all a very happy and productive 2013! See you in the new year!


  1. I like this Sharon

    Happy New Year to you

    1. Thanks Nora, and a very happy new year to you also!

  2. This is very striking. How clever to make the lino cut, something I want to try one day. Wishing you a very Happy New Year :)

    1. Thanks Ann, I'm having fun with the linocut prints, definitely more to come! Have a very happy new year!


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