22 March 2013

The Brook, Yelling

At last, a new linocut :-)

I started out by making a simplified sketch of my 'out and about' sketch from a couple of weeks ago... I traced this and transferred it to a soft-cut lino block. Printed area is 6 by 8 inches.

 First pass was a pale grey for the reflected sky, the next a darker grey for the water. I'm using a Chinese paper which is a yellowy creamy tone.

I've carved out the sky holes, and the next step is a blend. I don't actually own a roller big enough to put the ink down in one go, so I used two rollers for this:

 And this is what the inked block looks like:

 And here's the print so far, was pleased with the way this turned out, there's a nice smooth gradient:

Next I inked the tree, another blend:
 I have done more but don't have photos yet... will update tomorrow...


  1. Looking forward to seeing how this develops - because it looks smashing so far!

  2. These look great on that chinese paper Sharon, good to see your out and about is already inspiring some print work!


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