28 June 2014

Goldcrest drypoint and chine colle

I've been playing with the baby etching press some more...

I printed an edition of six; because the plate is inked and wiped for each print, they are all slightly different (plus I was playing around with varying the amount of ink I left on the plate). The chine colle is the gold crest of the little bird. Printed area is approx. 5 by 8".

Goldcrest dryoint etching print
This was the first print, nice crisp lines.

Goldcrest dryoint etching print
This was the last of six. The lines aren't so dark and crisp after six inkings, wipings and journeys through the press. You can see as well the difference you can make in how much ink you wipe, and how much you can vary the tone.

I was fairly pleased with the way these turned out, but it's not easy to judge just how much ink to wipe off! I guess it comes with experience, so I'll keep on keeping on with these!

I'm planning a series of prints, using various techniques, based on the birds I see and hear from the house/garden here in Cambridgeshire. Calling it the 'Bird List' project, not very inspired I know! (Let me know if you think of a better name...) Should keep me going for a while...

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