27 September 2014


A couple of weeks back I went to a most excellent collagraph workshop, run by printmaker Sherry Rea who, rather conveniently, lives in a village just up the road from me. The five of us who attended all enjoyed the workshop immensely!  Here are some of the prints I came away with (the sheepy one inspired by my holiday in the Yorkshire Dales!)

Swaledale sheep collagraph print

Swaledale sheep collagraph print

Feather collagraph print


  1. I especially like your new collagraph work and your willingness to show your collagraph plate. It's very helpful to see the process behind the art. I've recently been exploring printmaking processes myself. See me at www.cmariewatts.blogspot.com. Thank you for blogging.

    1. Thanks Chris, I like seeing people's printmaking plates too, it's a bit like peeking into sketchbooks I think. Always interesting to see the process.


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