13 October 2009

Eyes downcast

Here's another painting from the 'archive'. This was the first portrait I did that I was happy with, back at the end of 2007 (though cunningly you can't actually see any of her features, which helped!). I caught the portrait bug with this one - it's still my favourite subject matter.


  1. Sharon I like this pose. I can see why you got the dang portrait bug. Sometimes it hits me too.

  2. You made me giggle with the word "cunningly"! I so wish I could do portraits. Actually, I rather wish I could do anything in the art world. My lack of style has become a style unto itself - my eyes only! Are you working on anything currently, Sharon?

  3. Thanks for stopping by Nora and AutumnLeaves! To answer your question, I've pretty much always got something on the go, either actually being worked on, or thinking about being worked on (in between real work ie the day job!) Not all of them see the light of day, of course...


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