04 October 2009


Here's what I've been up to this week. This painting was inspired by my sister - she'd been to London to see the show (which she loved), and was later telling me all about the fabulous West End atmosphere - I thought it'd be fun to try to 'paint the atmosphere'. This was a first for me - I used the 'pour' technique for this painting (watercolour mixes were literally poured onto the damp paper, letting them mingle and do their own thing, so no brushwork for the basic background colours). I used a bit of gouache in the neon lettering, and the lamps.

So, watercolour and gouache, quarter sheet (about 11 by 15"), based on a ref photo by Flickr member nyaa_birdies_perch, under Creative Commons (thanks!). I think it could benefit from a crop perhaps, but I'm pretty happy with the way this one went!


  1. Oh I so hope you do not crop this piece! It is lovely as is! I think you've captured the magic of the West End, truly! Beautiful work!

  2. Thanks AutumnLeaves - it's always nice to get some feedback! If I do crop it, it won't be by much at all... I'll wait and see, if I ever get it framed...


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