31 December 2010

2010 top 10

Well, I've just been over at Crystal Cook's fabulous blog, where she has her top 10 paintings of 2010 - all beautiful paintings! She's suggested we all do the same, so here are my top 10 from what I've managed this year...

In no particular order...

Emily, watercolour, 11 by 15"

Her watchful place, watercolour, 11 by 15"

Charcoal portrait, A4

When I was a child, acrylic, 10 by 14"

If the wind changes direction, acrylic 10 by 14"

That basset look, watercolour, 11 by 15"

The glance, watercolour, 8 by 10"

Tom's old spot, watercolour, 8 by 10"

Faithful, watercolour, 8 by 10"

Best friend, watercolour, 8 by 10"

Have a happy and creative New Year - all the best for 2011!


  1. Sharon these are wonderful!! You have a real gift for capturing expression. I especially love Her Watchful Place, Emily and Faithful. :) SO glad you did this. This was fun! Happy New Year!

  2. All are nice. My personal picks: When I was a Child, Best of Show; If the Wind Changes Direction, Second place; The Glance, Third in the portrait category. Best of Show in the Animal category: Faithful. I'm a people and dog (particularly labs) person, but your work certainly says portraiture is your genre. Happy New Year Sharon.

  3. Glad you enjoyed my picks for 2010 Linda and Crystal! It's interesting to hear which ones are other people's favourites too :-)

    You'll be unsurprised to learn that portraits - people and animals - will be my focus this year too. I just love painting 'em!

  4. Superb portraiture Sharon - the graphite piece is particularly beautiful. Very lovely indeed.

  5. Thanks so much Tim, that's very kind of you! Great to see you dropping in :-)

  6. cute pictures, I like the artwork, they could work as a funky deckchair!

  7. Had to check that deckchair comment out, very cool!


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