07 December 2010

portrait sketch

Here's a drawing for a portrait painting I have planned. The ref photo is by babasteve on Flickr. There's a lot going on with light and shadows; I often find it helpful to do a drawing to help me focus on potential sticky areas.

Did this last night while listening to the England cricket team finishing off the Aussies (yay!)

A4 pencil sketch.


  1. I call these types of exploratory sketches "get acquainted" drawings. I think they're so helpful
    in finding the "sticky parts" and mapping out strategic measurements and proportions. Every face is unique. I like your work. Happy Holidays.

  2. Yep, that's a great description Linda - 'get acquainted' drawings, that's exactly what they are. And yes, I find them really very useful, for all the reasons you mention. Should do them more often, really, instead of diving straight into a painting!

    Happy holidays!


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