21 January 2011

Old man winter

Well, moving on from my getting acquainted sketch, here's what I've ended up with:

Watercolour, gouache and ink, using clingfilm; quarter sheet. Ref photo by bboomerindenial on morguefile.

The reference photo for this painting was supplied for the January challenge in a small portrait group I belong to, and was in black and white, the idea being that we could apply our own colour without being influenced by the colour in the original. This is where I ended up. I'd like to say that flashes of inspiration brought me here, but in reality my thought processes were more akin to continental drift...

I may well try a series of these, one for each season, what do you think?

Edit: this painting was featured on the RedBubble homepage, 1st Feb 2011 - well chuffed!


  1. I too like this painting Sharon, what a fresh approach to this portrait.

  2. Thanks Ann and Nora. Once I'd got the idea in my head I just had to try it out...

  3. Looks good. Nice change. Sticking to same old, same old approach gets boring. Trying something new gives you a boost.

  4. Yep, it's good to have a bit of a change I think.

  5. Fantastic work Sharon....Love this, great to see such creativity....

  6. Thanks Stephie, it's nice to do something completely different every now and again :-)


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