24 January 2011

Youngster enrapt

Here's a painting from the Painting Friends forum portrait challenge. The ref is by luisrock62 on morguefile, thanks!

This kid was looking rather jaundiced for much of the time on my easel, but I think he's recovered... Practising skin tones and trying to keep loose...

There was much debate about whether out portrait subject is a little girl or boy (hence my non-committal title, lol)... I reckoned a little girl, but changed my mind while painting him. What do you think?

Watercolour, quarter sheet.


  1. I think boy, Sharon. He puts me in mind of Oliver from Dickens, innocently asking for more.
    Which is also what I'd ask in relation to your paintings! :) xx

  2. Boy--but at that age, you really don't know for sure till they mouth off. Mother of three guys thinks your eye practice paid off.

  3. He he, thanks Pat! He has a 'butter wouldn't melt' kind of look about him, doesn't he?

    Lol Linda, I don't have the pleasure of small boys so I don't know! Thanks for the insight!

  4. Beautiful skin tones, Sharon. Love that look of innocence.


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