23 April 2011

Sally again

Here' the latest portrait I've been working on. It's a reference I've painted before, but I wanted to have another go. Not sure if this one is any better/more successful; I was really struggling with it for a while as I'd somehow gone a bit bright with the skin tones. Managed to drag it back a little with a couple of thin washes of blue/blue green. The likeness is better this time anyway.

Watercolour, quarter sheet, on Fabriano Artistico HP paper, a very smooth surface.


  1. Very nice. Your technique reminds me of Alex Katz. Your skill with watercolor is admirable to this philistine who has decided too late to see what this medium is all about.

  2. Looking good, Sharon!
    Might only be tempted to paint another with a warm background.. as you're into series... :) xx

  3. Hi Sharon,
    I just discovered your blog and I like this painting and I think the skin tones are great! And I like your avatar.

  4. Linda, thank you for the heads up on Alex Katz, I've just been of to browse through his work. Love the lino / woodcut prints, that's something I'd love to have a go at one day.

    Thanks Pat, yes a warm background would be better I think, thought it doesn't look quite so drab in real life (I had a hard time getting a good picture as per usual...)

    Celine, thank you so much, I'm chuffed that you have enjoyed the blog :-). Just popped over to your blog - I am loving your Pippi paintings, they are fabulous!


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